Why I Love Classic Films…

“Now how did you say that last step went…uh, oh yes!” He clicks his heels against the floor with a grin on his face. Her face lights up. He pulls her to his chest…they begin to flow like marbles–they were meant to dance together. They practically glide over the floor.

I melt.

The first scene I had willingly and happily watched. One I actually never forgot. She had a black dress, with a white collar, it flowed like the wind. He had his hair sleek and a suit with a small neck tie. Oh! And these two Actors happened to be, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers.

Hello Bloggers! & Readers! I have no specific reason for having started this blog; it was sudden actually? I just felt that I could rant on all my favorite Classic Movies/Actresses and really, why I love them OH SO much.

First, my name is Ashlen. I’m eighteen, and I am currently attending College. I love writing or…typing (hence me sitting here writing to you all!) and I figured this would be a great source to rant on my ultimate favorite movies and maybe a few tid bits that I know about them. Wink, wink.

So, to begin, I probably started watching Classic Films when I was about nine or ten. This started with a great Christmas Flick: It’s A Wonderful Life. I hated it.

Yes, I despised a Frank Capra film. Sue me! But, let me finish before you think wrong of me.

Need I remind you, I was ten. or Nine. My taste was a bit…mmm, limited?

Although, today my favorite director happens to be Frank Capra, but I won’t drift from the topic at hand.

Either way, hate it or not, this was my first Classic Film! And at the time, I was not yet able to appreciate the structure and originality of a Frank Capra film…nor that of a Classic Film in general. Ha. I sound so well rounded in film.

Erm! Anyway, once I had watched the scene, (described above; link below)…it was almost like being a Junkie. I had to dose myself everyday. There was something just so, original, beautiful, and so darn exciting about these “Black & White Movies,” as I would call them.

I had never truly understood their class and style. And how they spoke! So witty…so witty! We could try to speak in that style today…just would never be the same. There is no way of remaking any Classic Film. Not even ‘The Women.’ (Seriously, awful remake.) 

Side Note: You know, I had once tried to memorize lines from a Marx Bros. Film so I could impress my friends… yes. A bit embarrassing. But who hasn’t!

Anyway, I give all thanks to my mom, for introducing me to Classic Films. It’s almost altered my life, I love it just as much as I love Jesus (don’t judge me). But there is truly nothing like them. I mean, if you think about it, that’s where movies started! The whole idea of a wife being cheated on by her husband with her best friend! The idea of two kids switching places to bring parents together! The idea of two best friends growing together, and slowly growing up to realize they were acquaintances’ to one another, all along! It all started with Classic Films. The beginning of a revolution, really.

Well, I hope to write to you all tomorrow! I have so much more to say!

Thanks for reading!

Swing Time – Rogers & Astaire