The Queen Bee


“May I sometimes come here?”

“Whenever you like; it’s your home, too. There are people here who love you.”

“And look at you and Tina? Share with you peace and contentment?”

“Of course, and just think, it won’t be for this time only. That is, if you will help me keep what we have, if we both try hard to protect that little strip of territory that’s our. We can talk about your child–“

“Our Child.”

“Thank You.”

“And will you be happy, Charolette?”

“Oh, Jerry, don’t let’s ask for the moon. We have the stars.”

Bette Davis. Strength. Femininity. Beauty. Authority. & Legend. I would say that Bette is one of my ultimate favorite actresses. According to TCM , Bette made over 100 films, which granted her the key to stardom and allowed for her to strut female power. When I see Bette, I see…well first of all: eyes the size of the moon! So engaging and gravitating, it’s almost difficult to have the power to look away. But, back on topic, when I see Bette, I see an independent and strong woman that knows what she wants. She has no man stand in her way, nor is she ever weak. Bette was an idol to women all across the world. Hollywoods Queen Bee (including Joan Crawford), she made sure to let people know who was boss and who took lead. No one could get passed Bette.

Bette’s first film was featuring, none other than, Humphrey Bogart. Shockingly, when I first saw this movie, I had expected for Bette to play a small role, being that it was her first film–She was not titled Queen Bee for nothing. Bette had a leading role in her first film with Humphrey Bogart. Humphrey Bogart. What she did behind the scenes to get that role…we’ll never know. Oh, and this movie is called ‘Bad Sister’ (1931). Check it out if you haven’t already!

Now the one movie that I absolutely…positively love, is: Jezebel (1938). This film happens to be the movie that placed enormous spotlights on the big Blue-Eyed Queen Bee. She gained fame from a scene that one never forgets. Ah! The Pride of women sometimes…makes us do some funny things. Just as our dearest Bette hindered her relationship with the Handsome Henry Fonda. All because of one dress. A DRESS.


Because she’s Bette Davis.

So another film I love, which happens to be an Academy Award Winning Film…nothing big. All About Eve (1950). Actually, Davis was nominated for Best Actress in this film, no wonder! She’s witty, and strong. Which is what attracted me to her Character! With how irritated I was with Ms. ‘Eve Harrington,’ it was difficult to see what was happening to dear Bette. I just…could not stand Eve. Not Anne Baxter. She did her job as an actress, and gosh darn she did it well! I wanted to strangle her. ha. Moving on, this is on the top of my list for best Bette Davis films. Others being, Old Acquaintance (1943), The Little Foxes (1941), Dark Victory (1939), & (oh help me Jesus I love this movie) Mr. Skeffington (1944). Ah, Bette. She makes me so happy.

So the lines above, are from a film that I absolutely adore. Think you can guess? Leave a comment below! & check out my Blog in the next couple of days, I’ll be updating on my thoughts towards ‘Gone With the Wind.’

Thanks for Reading!

TCM – Jessica Rains on Bette Davis