Hollywood’s Classic Couple: Nick & Nora

Nora: “Nick? Nicky?”
Nick: “What?”
Nora: “You asleep?”
Nick: “Yes!”
Nora: “Good I want to talk to you.”

 The two iconic Actors who flourished Comedy & Mystery into one mesh of Comstery. The thing about William Powell & Myrna Loy, was there chemistry. How they were able to feed off each other & still form a strong bond in there relationship. Watching them was watching two friends who invite you to join them amongst their adventure. Although, I have so much to say about both Actor’s individually, I will stick with their amazing Chemistry through The Thin Man Trilogy as well as the other few films that they had done together.

I remember when I had seen the first The Thin Man it was something so different to me. The fact that they were so witty with one another and in almost every conversation they would consume you with smooth waves of humor. I don’t know how they did it; they make it quite natural and they’re relationship was more of a strong friendship that was so real.

I believe the first Thin Man I had watched was…The Thin Man! ha. ha. Nevertheless, I recall my mother telling me how much I’d enjoy The Thin Man series, being that I love a good laugh (Thanks to The Three Stooges & Marx Brothers) and I was so willing to be introduced to some new Actors and Actresses. I loved it so much! Too funny, and both the lead Actor and Actress were so strong and they certainly had the right to be called leaders. Just, before I go on, Watch this video:

LOVE IT. Whenever I try to think of something witty, it comes out in stutters and I lose my train of thought. I guess you just gotta have class. Cause, “I coulda’ had class! I coulda’ been a contender! I coulda’ been somebody!” On the Waterfront (1954) reference, just couldn’t resist the temptation. So moving on…where was I heading with this post…Oh yes! So, I wanted to talk about one of my other favorite movies with both Myrna Loy and William Powell. This movie also features Jean Harlow and Spencer Tracy. Take a guess?

Not sure what you guessed but the movie happens to be: Libeled Lady (1936). I absolutely love this film! You know, I had always wondered (before seeing this film, of course), if Myrna Loy and William Powell had ever played star-crossed lovers that fall in love with one another through a film? I mean, Nick & Nora are great as a couple, I would not have enjoyed watching the two fall in love for the first film. Their just meant to be with one another! But, do you see what I mean?

I just had wondered, if there was a movie, such as Libeled Lady, that existed! And indeed, it does. I had always wanted to see the infamous Nick & Nora in two different ball parks. And they did even better then what I had hoped. This movie kept me intrigued, and on top of all that, I didn’t feel as though I was watching Nick & Nora in a different movie with a different plot, they were individual (and interesting) characters.

Also, I just loved the love twists in this movie. Love is just, here, there and absolutely everywhere! Jean Harlow did a fabulous job with all her shouting and random spurts of anger. I don’t know what it is, but get Al Pacino to scream with Jean Harlow, in the same room! I guarantee… I’ll laugh.

I really think that William Powell held the movie together. I mean, Myrna Loy obviously played a huge role and she made the movie even better, BUT, William Powell had made the movie, even ten times better. You know…is it just me, or is William Powell oddly attractive?

Maybe it’s just his Witt and sarcasm, but I find him to be fairly attractive in all of his roles. Well, excluding My Man Godfrey. He was a bit tame in that film. Just, please tell me, you agree. I’d hate to feel like the odd ball who finds William Powell attractive over a Cary Grant or Clark Gable!

Anyway–regarding Libeled Lady. William Powell. He’s fantastic. I loved him in this film. Everything he said or even did, was classy, funny and slightly sarcastic. Although, no one can be sarcastic (or witty) the way William Powell was. He was the Pioneer of Sarcasm & Witt.

But enough regarding Sarcasm and Mr. Powell. There is another film that I love with our dynamic duo, which also includes Clark Gable. This film is titled: Manhattan Melodrama (1934). So, this movie, if I recall, was more of a serious film, which included crime and mystery.

I happened to like this movie a lot! Not as much as Libeled Lady or The Thin Man Series, but it was really interesting. The story was thick and had several different dynamics. Although, I don’t really enjoy watching Nick & Nora in these kind of crime scenes, I would highly recommend watching this movie! Clark Gable does a fabulous job and it’s nice to see William Powell and Myrna Loy out of their element.

Well, I believe this is all I need or have to say about Hollywood’s Classic Duo. I just had to make a post on the two. And I will surely be making a post on each Actor and Actress individually. There is just so much to say about them both. Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my ramble, and I hope you’re enjoying your Day/Evening or Afternoon!

Goodbye for now!