A Love Affair to Remember, in Sleepless Seattle

MV5BNDkxODc3MDE3NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzEyMzU3Mg@@__V1__SY317_So, over my winter break it was discovered that their are four movies that are…more than similar. I know I’m extremely late, but how did I miss that Meg Ryan and Rosie O’Donnell were watching An Affair to Remember (1957)!?

In fact! It wasn’t until my mom had told me that the entire movie-Sleepless in Seattle (1993)-was inspired by An Affair to Remember! What are the odds. So, I’m obviously going to be talking about all four remakes today. My opinions on some; which some may not agree with, but here goes!

So first off, I’ve never actually seen Love Affair (1939). From my mothers sources, it’s not as good as the remake with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. Although, I shall be my own judge! I found it on YouTube, and being that I’ve already seen An Affair to Remember, Love Affair, and Sleepless in Seattle, there’s actually no point in watching it.

I guess, the only reason I’d be watching, is for the purpose of judging Irene Dunne & Charles Boyers’ chemistry. So I watched both clips from the 1939 version & the 1994 version (featured below), here are my thoughts, on both scenes.

So, first off, I had watched the 1994 version of Love Affair before I had actually never seen the 1939 version of the film, so it changes the way I look at the film. Although, I also have a very high respect for Irene Dunne. So, here are my final thoughts… I love that Irene Dunne & Charles Boyer are so classy. Also, being that they are the originators of the film, it changes my whole perspective on the way they portrayed the role!

But (I hate that word), I do love Annette Benning & Warren Beatty’s chemistry. Their witty and romantic with one another, but I really loved it! Although, I know that the remake was a bit…unrespected. Being that Sleepless in Seattle had just come out a year before and it had a similar but entertaining plot. But I don’t care! I enjoyed the movie and there’s another thing that had truly reeled me in. The music!

Ennio Morricone. I have such a high respect for him. Thanks to my Music Appreciation class, I was introduced to the Italian composer and his effortless talents.

Actually, it wasn’t until my sister had told me about the theme song for Love Affair, that I actually and finally understood! So, here’s what happened: I was studying for my Music Appreciation Final (harder then I expected), and I explain to her that I have to discuss Love Affair’s theme with my class, now my sister just about faints, saying “Oh, my God. I love that song!” She than asks if I’ve seen the movie before. I, of course say, “No.” She slaps her hand against her heart and plays the song for me. She then begins to tell me about the theme; where they play it, what’s happening and so on. I’m listening but preoccupied looking at some information for my class, then suddenly, I hear this slight sound affect, ‘sniff.’ It happens again! I looked at my sister who is balling! Apparently that scene is extremely touching!

I don’t blame her for crying, I just about broke out in tears while watching Katharine Hepburn shake and quiver. It was…really sad, actually! Especially since Hepburn wasn’t acting during this scene. In her latter years, Hepburn was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

All of this to say.. Ennio Morricone has such a precise way of striking the crowd. It allowed me to hear that theme and immediately enter the film. Which, is the reason I love the film. Although, Morricone had apparently taken the theme from one of the previous remakes and implemented the song into the film; but, I DO NOT CARE.

So, right now, (this could be my inner teen trying to be rebellious), I absolutely hate Sleepless in Seattle. I do, I just do! There was something about the fact that every time they had a chance to meet, that they just didn’t! Which made sense with the plot and where it had come from. I also think I had too many cookies that night, which made me crash and become grouchy towards sappy love stories. I don’t really know, but for me, I prefer to see a couple meet and gradually progress in their relationship! Even if that means they are forced to become distant, during the anonymous trial they face, then so be it!

So! I will leave it at that.. this has taken way too long to be posted. No more delays!

What’s your favorite ‘Love Affair?’



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