“All the World’s a Stooge”

Ooh, Yes.

stooges 5It’s Time.

I have finally decided to talk of the phenomenal comedic act that had taken me through Homeschooling and beyond.

In fact, these guys had given me such a strong appreciation for Classic Film. And there is no other like them.

The Three Stooges.

So, when I was about ten or eleven, my dad had introduced me to three nuts whom I am indebted to. They gave me life and laughter and I’m more than grateful for their unique comedy. You know, when you think about it, they were the first to really breed the whole, eye-poking and bopping head acts.

Regardless, I discovered some interesting facts regarding the Stooges, and thought I would share them with my readers. I will also share my love and appreciation for the boys. I mean, how I can’t ya! There the Three Stooges.

To begin, I have to say that the strongest ‘Stooge,’ was our lead bowl-cut man, Moe Howard.

Moe Howard was the first of the Stooges who was interested in theatre and acting.

Moe had actually always hated his hair. And not the bowl-cut hairstyle; this came much, much later.

Apparently Moe had thought that his hair made him look like a girl. So he hacked it off, giving him that signature Stooges Cut (that we all love).

Now, I’m not going to describe how Moe’s Stooge Cut made him a leader, I was actually watching a YouTube video on the making of the Three Stooges (which is linked below), and Moe was with the Stooges from beginning to end.

Not to say that the other Stooges weren’t passionate about the whole act. I mean, they did die till the end. Sadly.

In fact, all three of the Stooges were quite dedicated to each other and the show. Its just sweet (and inspiring) to me, how they had stuck together till the end.

So, in my head (as a young girl) I had always thought that The Three Stooges had started with Curly, Moe & Larry. It could be that the three had dynamics that really couldn’t compare to the several different line-ups, but it was also because my first Three Stooges Episodes had come in a pack, and they had only, Curly, Moe & Larry.

The First episode that I recall seeing the most of was Three Little Pirates.

I had even remembered the lines. “Maha, Aha, las bana shadaba de futchi mi…” Yeah.

Too Good! Too Good! You could imagine that as a young girl I was so thrown back by their humor. They were too great for words.

It was the fact that they would have all these sound effects for their smacks and slaps. I just fell in love with them instantly.

I loved that whenever Moe would ‘take care’ of Curly, Larry would attempt to smack Curly around too, than Moe would slap him a top the head saying, “Get out of here!” Poor Larry. He was always my favorite. Always shoved into odd situations. Too entertaining, too funny.

There was such a different chemistry with Curly, Moe and Larry. Even after watching the marathon with Shemp, I still believe that The Three Stooges were at their prime when Curly and Larry were in the game. I have to say that they had all evenly made the show a heap of fun. Check out the link below, one of the Stooges greatest Acts:

I always get a good laugh out of that episode. I love the whole episode, but there’s one part that I makes me laugh too hard (1:58). When Moe pushes Larry out of the way. Nothing too big, but it’s hysterical that Larry would get pushed around with no problem; literally and metaphorically speaking.

Anyway, I discovered the order that The Three Stooges were created and how Shemp, Curly and many others had come into the picture.

First, the Three Stooges began with Moe and his brother Sam Howard. Apparently his mother had quite the accent, and Sam’s name had come out to be, Shemp.

The Three Stooges had than began with Larry Fine, Shemp Howard and Moe Howard.

Shemp had left the team, with the replacement of Curly Howard (whom they had nicknamed ‘babe’). Once Curly had suffered a stroke in 1946, Shemp rejoined the act.

After Shemp’s death in 1955, he was replaced by Curly look-alike, Joe Besser.

When Larry Fine had suffered a stroke in 1970, he was no longer able to go on with the act. Larry had soon died after that, with Moe have passed  few months after. Which than ended the forever renowned, Three Stooges.

Wow, just talking about the three has made me a bit sad. They were just so great!

I know the best Three Stooges will always be Curly, Moe and Larry, but I still have a high respect for all the Stooges in every replacement and lineup. I can’t help but enjoy their comedy.

I believe the Three Stooges will live on forever and I doubt that their will be any like them. They’ve continued to be the Pioneers of Comedy. The inspiration of True Comedy.

Moe, Curly, Larry, Shemp, Joe… This is for you.

Tell me reader, what’s your favorite Three Stooges Team? Moe, Curly, Larry. Moe, Shemp, Larry or Moe, Joe, Larry?

Thanks for reading!