Ah, Ms. Arthur, I Love You

Ah, Jean. Jean, Jean, Jean.

What a Dream.

I’m so keen, and she’s not mean.

Ah, Jean, Jean.

I just made that up! Spur of the moment, I presume. So, today I’ll be talking about Jean Arthur! Don’t tell me you already knew that! I make nothing obvious. Just subtle.

Now, I won’t be talking about when she was born and how she began, that’s documentary stuff. I’m going to be discussing her best films (in my opinion) and just why she is so absolutely fantastic.

First, I have to say what everyone else thinks about Jean.

No one could replace that absolutely gorgeous voice!

It was the first thing that caught my attention when Ms. Arthur would come on screen. I mean, it’s one of those distinct voices that makes the Actress, or Actor, remember-able. Just like, Renee Zelleweger and Gracie Allen! It’s just how a Characters hair or style can keep you mesmerized and attracted to the Character. Jean had such a unique tone and she could act!

One thing I’ve noticed most about Jean is that she wasn’t your typical pretty faced actress. I feel that she was just an intelligent beauty. Meaning that she didn’t need all this glitz and glam in order to shine! She had this great intelligence that regular day to day women could look up to. I appreciate Jean for not being so… ‘showy’ and… fake! Ah, now that’s the word. Fake.

Even in her films, she always had this demeanor that you just loved. And of course, because her intelligence gleamed, it made her ten times more beautiful/attractive on screen.

So, my favorite film from Jean…

The More the Merrier (1943)

This movie is funny, original, entertaining and romantic!

I love how Jean is so high-willed, with such a strong wall up when it came to letting herself fall in love with Joel McCrea.

It was funny to me how Jean would play dumb when it came to both McCrea and Charles Coburn. She knew that the two were not totally accustomed to her schedule and how she was “engaged.”

To truly appreciate the film though, you had to have known of the shortage of housing during WWII. It’s what brings the three characters together… along with all their odd living conditions. I love, and I mean, absolutely love, Charles Coburns’ Character. It’s funny to me how his first mission was to find a place to stay, than he pries into Jean Arthur’s life, discovering her engagement to a stiff, than meeting Joel McCrea, who Coburn feels the need to introduce to Jean. I just, enjoy this movie to the greatest ability of enjoyment.

You Can’t Take it With You (1938)

This movie is great!

I love Jean in this movie, being that she is genuine. To me, I feel that Jean isn’t even acting! That’s how good she is!

In fact, after watching, I wanted more. Just wanted more! The family portrayed was hysterical. I loved the mixture of different personalities…and talents.

But, that has nothing to do with Jean. Jean made the movie amazing. She made the movie fun. She gave the movie a plot. Well, Lionel Barrymore had a great deal to do with that as well.

My favorite scene is the one shown in the picture to the right. It’s crazy, I had thought that both Jean and Lionel could have actually been related.

So, that’s my spill on Jean. I love her acting. Love her voice. Love her sincerity. Love her style. Love her class. & I love her. I would go back in time just to see Jean Arthur smile in person. Just smile! She has such a fabulous spirit about her.

Tell me reader… What’s your favorite film with Jean Arthur?

My favorite Scene! The More the Merrier (1943)

Thanks for reading!