The Great Gatsby (1974) vs. The Great Gatsby (2013)

The-Great-Gatsby-2013-Poster-carey-mulligan-34365403-650-1036Ah, Gatsby. You could say that this is a review, but it will be more related to that of a comparison. I’ve heard several different opinions on Gatsby, thanks to social media, and so far, it sounds as though everyone enjoyed it.

There are some critics on the distaste for the music, but all in all, most people enjoyed it! Though, I’m not one to really reference my liking toward a film just by the reviews and opinions of the world. I think, that when it comes to film, you are entitled to your own opinion, and you’re opinion is the only one that matters, in the end.

Nonetheless, after seeing the movie many people had said how much this movie mimicked the original (with Robert Redford & Mia Farrow), but in my opinion, I do not see this movie to be a mimic of what the original had interpreted.

In fact, that’s all it was! An interpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby.

Each film had very similar characteristics, but I believe that that is only because they are both based off the same book; with the same story and the same characters!

I think that many people misinterpreted the Directors goal here. Each movie; yes, they were almost exactly the same, but indeed they both encouraged their own way of telling the story. To me, each film is its own, with the same story, and different artistic styles.

Moving forward, I did find that I enjoyed Leonardo Dicaprio’s interpretation of Gatsby.robertmia

Although, I do enjoy Robert Redford’s calm and cool way of approaching the character.

One thing that I find they both had in common was their awkward and almost dull characteristics. The way both had such a secluded life, with so many open secrets.

Both had their own way of approaching the character and really selling Gatsby. I can’t say that I was disappointed with either. They both pleased me, very thoroughly.

I enjoyed that Redford was very calm and complacent about everything and Dicaprio had such an open and outgoing characteristic.

I feel that if both characters were to be meshed together, they would truly create Gatsby.

Another thing that I noticed between the two was that I understood the characters better in the 2013 version with Dicaprio, than what I did in the 1974 version with Redford.

I feel that the original was strictly dedicated to the understanding of the Characters, while the remake was dedicated to the reality of what the Characters would do.

Redford’s Gatsby seemed to be strictly surrounded by the reactions and movements of the actors. There was severe focus on the gestures and emotions released.

Dicaprio’s Gatsby seemed to be focused on a release of emotions. The actors would say what they felt and that was something that I preferred. For instance, (if you haven’t seen Gatsby yet, I would suggest skipping to the next paragraph. If you’ve read the book and seen the original, then continue on, please) when Nick Carraway (Tobey MaGuire ) had grown frustrated with Gatsby, after he had “killed” Myrtle, Tobey MaGuire, did a fantastic job in spreading his emotions out on a sheet. I loved that Nick was a lot more real in this movie. He didn’t hold back. Not that Sam Waterston didn’t spread much emotion, he certainly did Nick justice, but there was still something very subtle about his way of exerting his feelings, which I didn’t prefer.

Although, those are little things that I just happen to notice and give serious attention to.

gatsby-at-86-2And of course… Daisy Buchanan.

I have no complaints from either actress; Mia Farrow and Carey Mulligan.

I admit that I did prefer Mia over Carey, because she seemed, to me, a lot friendlier then what Carey had expressed.

Although (going back to expression of emotion) I did enjoy the way Carey had released her emotions, and I thought she had such a sweet and innocent way of sharing her thoughts.

Both had such a fabulous interpretation of the character. Although, Carey seemed to be so melancholy throughout the entire film, and Mia had given it time to reach the point of becoming depressed.

The-Great-Gatsby3Overall, I cannot say that I didn’t enjoy The Great Gatsby.

One thing they both had in common was the fact that they were both so long.

I understand that there were some parts of the novel that definitely needed to be involved but maybe they could have shortened some of the party scenes or some of the dialogue could have been removed…I don’t know!

Regardless, both had such unique interpretations and although they had different styles, and one had mixed a modern party scheme, I was highly entertained with both. I think that if they were to mesh both the modern and old, they would probably have themselves a good movie. Shorten it a bit, and divvy out the dialogue; bam! You got yourself a good movie!

So, did you know… There were two Gatsby’s released before the 1974 version, and one released after, in the year 2000? Check out the trailers below, and let me know which Gatsby you would give an Oscar to. Thanks for reading!

The Great Gatsby (1926):

The Great Gatsby (1949):

The Great Gatsby (1974):

The Great Gatsby (2000):

The Great Gatsby (2013):