Wisdom Teeth & Henry Fonda

Hello my friends! It sure has been a long while since I’ve been able to write a post. And unfortunately, I do not have any legitimate excuses. Fortunately! I’ve had time to really cork up some new ideas. For posts I mean. Also looking into getting my YouTube Channel started. It may take me a couple months before I get a camera, but I do promise to get that started.

Moving right along… Today is June 5, 2013 and I had my wisdom teeth removed. Quite a strange sensation actually…in fact, there was nothing sensational about it. Wrong choice of words. Either way, I’ve finally accepted the fact that the Dentists’ are my friends. They only want to help me, not take my money (or teeth).

Regardless, knowing that my teeth had to be taken out, I knew that I would have an open opportunity to watch some Classics. You know, there’s nothing like being able to just kick back and watch classic films while being drugged. It’s quite fantastic!

Anyhow, so today I ended up watching back to back films with the great: Henry Fonda.

fonda4I ended up watching three great movies with three great styles played by, Henry Fonda.

And before I tell you what movies I’ve watched, I just want to say… what a man!

Henry Fonda could play these dorky, quiet men with hidden personality. Then again, he could also play a man; he could handle his own and in that, he knew how to conduct himself, feeding off this stellar personality.

There are specific roles that he plays, in which I find that he truly conducts that Fonda inside him. The kind of character that would walk an old lady across the street. Or the kind of character that would open doors for women… you know what I’m talking about? It’s the kind of man that’s hard to find today. Now, what did they call those particular fellas? Oh! That’s right… a gentlemen.

So very hard to find today. Though, without a doubt, Henry Fonda, on or off set, was always a gentlemen. You could see it in his demeanor and hear it in his soft delicate voice… Erm, well it’s true and you know it!

So, today I chose to watch: The Lady Eve (1941), The Grapes of Wrath (1940) and, last but never least, On Golden Pond (1982).

LadyEveLobbyI’ve seen this movie over a dozen times. In fact, with every scene, I know exactly where one should laugh. It’s odd, but you can’t help but to love such a great screwball comedy.

Moving right along, this was the first movie that I had actually seen Henry Fonda in, (don’t you judge me), so just hearing his voice and seeing that oblivious expression on his face… I had assumed that that was Henry Fonda, always and forever, he never changes.

But I had forgotten…he’s an actor. Although, please tell me if you disagree (and tell me if you do!), when Henry Fonda is playing this kind of character, it just fits! If I had the opportunity to meet Henry Fonda, oh Lord, I would think that he would carry that same personality that he has on the Lady Eve, in real life! But, eh, that’s just me.

Although, now that I’ve seen On Golden Pond, I’ve got a good idea of how Mr. Fonda would be.

I can’t say that I absolutely loved this Character, but his honesty made me laugh! I enjoyed that his Character didn’t hold anything back, and at times, it was a bit much.

Regardless, this movie gave me a sense of respect for Mr. Fonda. Not only did he age well, but he sure knew how to handle himself.

I loved the relationship with Henry Fonda and the one and only, Jane Fonda. It was great seeing how they carried these dynamics that the two most definitely do not have off screen. I’m sure Fonda was a great father to his daughter, and I knew that when they got into Character, they did it well.

Now, saving the best for last. I finally watched: The Grapes of Wrath (1940).


Erm. So, this movie is touching, absolutely touching!

Not only does it shed light on the reality of John Steinbeck’s novel, but it sheds light on the reality of the Great Depression.

Each character had meaning, and within the meaning came the heart ache and pain felt for the turmoil they all faced together.

Although, my main focus here, is the way Henry Fonda’s character had taken initiative and he knew what he should do to keep his family and friends going. I loved that, although Henry was mighty, he never broke his bond with his mother. grapes-of-wrath-joad

I love that about him! He did what he needed to do, and he kept a level-head the entire time. He knew that he could never give up because if he gave up, his family would have no one to keep them going! Although, his mother sure did keep things going. What a strong woman. I certainly believed that the two were actually blood-related. This movie, if you haven’t seen it yet, is absolutely phenomenal.

There relationship had actually impacted me.

I’m not one to truly be impacted by films, not to say that I won’t cry if it’s time for me to cry, but there are times that I just don’t really understand why I should feel for these characters.

I felt for these people. Oh man, I felt for these people! That! Is great acting. Watch this film. If you’ve seen it, watch it again.

So, I was so happy to occupy my time in this long and trivial day, with Henry Fonda. It couldn’t have been any better. Also, the great fact that I was pampered by my beautiful mother today. What an angel!

Nonetheless, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading, kind stranger. Talk to you soon!