8 Anticipated Remakes

Robocop (1987)Hello everyone! I am so pleased to have a free day to create a quick post. I hope all is well! I look forward to start writing some more interesting posts for you all, and speaking of posts, let me move on. After scrummaging through the world wide web, I found some pretty amazing news on some remakes to come!

First of all, let me say that some of these films, I am not anticipating. There are many, in fact, that I know Hollywood will trash! Nonetheless I’ve found that many of these movies, fans are anticipating!

Although, before I start, I know what you’re all thinking. Hollywood ran out of ideas, right? Oh. That’s just me, isn’t it. Well, regardless, I just find these remakes to be a waste of time, but  I can’t lie, I’m looking forward to seeing how some of these films will come out.

So, anyway, I thought I would share them with you, and let you decide if whether Hollywood will make these movies awesome or completely full of crap.

1. My Fair Lady

To be honest with you. I thought that this would be a an awful movie to remake. In fact, I could give you a list of all the films Hollywood would butcher if they even tried to create a screenplay… but that’s a totally different topic. Though, let me tell you the rumored actors and actresses to attempt the roles in this film: Carey Mulligan (The Great Gatsby), Kiera Knightely (Anna Karenina) and Colin Firth (The Kings Speech). Now, I’ll leave you to contemplate how this film may go…

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TMNT-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-movie-live-action-1 megan-fox-biking-babe-for-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles

So, I’m not sure if this is classified as a ‘classic’ but I like this movie, and there’s big anticipation regarding it, and this is my blog. I do what I want. Ha, just kidding. But…anyway, moving on! This movie has some pretty big names attached to it. So, Micheal Bay is apparently taking on this film, and going to make it the next ‘Alien.’ Also tagged along is actress, Megan Fox, who was photographed on the set of TMNT. I’m not sure the release date for this reboot, but it is coming around the corner! I don’t really favor Megan Fox as an actress, but I think she will do this film justice. She did well in Transformers (well I thought so) and she’s beautiful, which counts for a lot in a Hollywood film.

3. Carrie


I can’t lie, I’m looking forward to seeing how this remake will be approached. One reason I think this film will be great, is because Chloe Grace-Moretz is going to be the lead role. This young girl, man she can act! Did you know she’s only 16? Yet, she looks and acts as though she’s about 20? Or older… I’m just impressed by her acting. Anyway, I think this movie will be a great remake! I’ve seen several remakes and they just do not meet up to the original, but this looks great in my eyes! I look forward to the outcome.

4. Dirty Dancing


So…this movie. Hm, I wasn’t expecting Hollywood to butcher, until I saw the trailer for ‘Footloose.’ Though, let me know what you all think. Apparently ‘Dirty Dancing’ now has a director attached, Kenny Ortega (High School Musical Trilogy). I’m not sure where he will take it, but I have this strong feeling that Ortega will make this movie what it needs to be. I mean, he did choreograph the original, you would think that he would put his whole heart into a remake.

5. Robocop

RoboCop Vancouver Shot 08 robocop

First of all! This is going to be awesome! There are some movies that just cannot be remade, like My Fair Lady for instance, erm! But, futuristic sci-fi films, such as Robocop; oh yes, these can be remade! Tell, me friends, are you anticipating this film? Will Hollywood make an amazing remake, or will it be bombed? I think it looks like it will be real entertaining. You know, next to classic films, I love myself some sci-fi films. If I had another blog, it would be called “Sci-Fi Guru.”

6. The Birds

Marnie Copy_of_Birds

Yes, it’s happening. A remake for a Alfred Hitchcock film. One of those films that lives on in history!  I’m nervous about this remake, being that…well, it’s being remade. The lead actress happens to be, Naomi Watts (The Impossible), who actually happens to be a great actress. Which, truthfully, lifts my spirits. I actually enjoy this actress; she’s beautiful, elegant, and she’s a screamer. You know, like in King Kong (2006). If she can be in a remake for King Kong, why not The Birds!

7. The Bad Seed


Now, this film was only rumored. Only rumored! I’m actually hoping to see this movie remade. I think it’ll be an awesome remake, but then again, I love the mystery in the original, and the fact that you didn’t actually see what happened. You and I both know that there will be a great amount of blood in this film if it’s remade, which will make it awful! Although, I do believe it would be a bit interesting to see a modern take on a classic horror.

8. All Quiet on The Western Front


Ok, I feel sorta guilty for having bashed on Hollywood through all of these excerpts, so I have to admit that I actually believe that this film will be grandiose! Apparently, Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe will be taking on a lead role in this film. Finally! If that kid is continuously referred to as “Harry” then he will get nowhere. So, I’m actually hoping that he will ‘movie’ up with this film. Of course, I also hope he will do the film justice; he does look like he fits the part in the picture above. I sense an Academy Award Winner here…

So, this is all I have for you right now, my friend. But I do hope to make these posts, maybe every month or so. I like to hear about films before their released (Carrie being the exception). For now, I will blog you all soon! Please feel free to contact me with any questions, my information is above in the new, ‘Contact Me’ tab.