The Barrymores’

John, Lionel and Ethyl BarrymoreEthel, John and Lionel Barrymore. The kind of actors that most actors and actresses would aspire to be like. They were artists in their craft and with every film, they created a genuine character whom you’d believe.

Also, if you think about it. All the Barrymores were older when their careers really flourished, yet they still captivated the audience and you suddenly find age irrelevant.

Similar to Actors such as, Claude Rains, Charles Coburn, Spring Byington, Edward Arnold, and many others.

By the way, Barrymore may sound familiar to some of you. It’s not coincidence that Actress, Drew Barrymore has the same last name. She’s related. It’s interesting to see how far an Actor or Actress’ family line goes. You find that there Grandparents had actually been in movies before they were even born. As if it’s in their blood to do the same.

Either way, I thought it would be nice for me to share with you some information on the Barrymores’. The movies they had first been in; when they were born; what movies they won awards for; nominations, and so on.

I hope you enjoy!



Born: Ethel Mae Blythe Barrymore on August 15, 1879 in Philadelphia, PA. Ethel is the daughter of actor Herbert Blythe and actress Georgiana Drew.

Died: June 18th of 1959

Married: Russell Griswold Colt, a New York socialite (1905), they divorced in 1923. Barrymore had three children from Colt, Samuel, who was born in 1910, John, who was born in 1911 and Ethel, who was born in 1912. Daughter Ethel had also gone by the name Louise Kinlock.

First Film: The Nightingale, 1914

Major Films: Rasputin and the Empress, 1932; None But the Lonely Heart, 1944; The Spiral Staircase, 1946; The Farmer’s Daughter, 1947; The Paradine Case, 1947; Pinky, 1949; Kind Lady, 1951; Deadline U.S.A., 1952.

Academy Award(s): Best Supporting Actress: None But the Lonely Heart, 1944

Nominations: Best Supporting Actress: The Spiral Staircase, 1946; The Paradise Case, 1947; Pinky, 1949

Autobiographies: Memories, 1956



Born: John Sidney Blythe Barrymore, born on February 15th of 1882 in Philadelphia, PA.

Died: May 29, 1942

Married: Katherine Corri Harris in 1910, though they divorced in 1917. John then married Writer, Blanche Oelrichs Thomas in 1920. Fortunately, this marriage lasted one year longer than his last marriage; they divorced in 1928. They did have a daughter in 1921 named Diana Blanche. After another failed marriage, John married Actress, Dolores Costello the same year he divorced Thomas.  John and Dolores had a daughter, Dolores Ethel Mae born three years before their divorce in 1935. John’s final marriage was to Elaine Jacobs in 1936. They divorced in 1940. Very shocking, isn’t it (sarcasm intended).

First Film: An American Citizen, 1913

Major Film: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, 1920; Don Juan, 1926; Moby Dick, 1930; Svengali, 1931; Grand Hotel, 1932; A Bill of Divorcement, 1932; Rasputin and the Empress, 1932; Dinner at Eight, 1933; Twentieth Century, 1934; Romeo & Juliet, 1936; Maytime, 1937; The Great Man Votes, 1939; The Great Profile, 1940

Autobiography: Confessions of an Actor, 1926

Biographies: Good Night Sweet Prince, by Gene Fowler; Damned in Paradise, by John Kobler



Born: Lionel Blythe Barrymore, April 28th of 1878

Died: November 15th of 1954

Married: Doris Rankin was Lionel’s first wife, married 1904, had a daughter named Ethel in 1908 and finally divorced 1923. Lionel then married actress, Irene Frizzel, who was widowed in 1936.

First Film: Friends, 1909

Major Films: The Temptress, 1926; Sadie Thompson, 1928; A Free Soul, 1931; Grand Hotel, 1932; Rasputin and the Empress, 1932; Dinner at Eight, 1933; Treasure Island, 1934; David Copperfield, 1935; Ah, Wilderness, 1935; You Can’t Take It With You, 1938; Young Dr. Kildare (first of 15 Kildare films with Barrymore as Dr. Gillespie), 1938; It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946; Duel in the Sun, 1947; Key Largo, 1948; Down to the Sea in Ships, 1949

In 1938, Barrymore had sadly been confined to a wheel chair due to paralysis because of a hip injury and arthritis, thus causing him to act in his wheel chair.

Academy Award: Best Actor in A Free Soul, 1930/31

Nomination: Best Director for Madame X, 1928/29

Autobiography: We Barrymores, 1951