Carrie (1976) vs. Carrie (2013)

carrie-1976It’s October! It is October, Good Heavens. Too long? Maybe? Just a little bit.

Nah… alright, yes! I admit it, I avoided blogging just because I ran out of ideas (totally kidding)! I actually started school; got a job; got a life (kidding, again)! I’ve missed being able to blog, honest I did. I just could not find the time. Then I thought to myself, “I’m making excuses, come on now sister. There are people busier than I who make the time to do what they need to do to succeed, why shouldn’t I?”

So here I am. I was actually awaiting this film so that I could write on it, and finally, here it is!! So I am looking forward to sharing my opinion with you and checking on what you all think about it.

As you can probably tell… I saw Carrie. Both the 1976 version starring Sissy Spacek and the 2013 version starring Chloë Grace-Moretz. I also watched the 2002 TV version, but it is a “versus” post so I’ll just stick with the two.

Moving on, my rating on the two:

Carrie (1976): 9.5/10

Carrie (2013): 8.5/10

Carrie-2013So, here come my reasoning on the rating for both films. Now, please consider that I did watch the original before the new release (which is only right!), so I’m not sure if this completely distorted the way I viewed the new one but regardless, here are my reasons.

First is first, I loved the original, just as anyone would (because it’s the, original). Also, you just cannot mess up such a legendary Stephen King story; it’s irreplaceable.

Second…is second. I loved the remake. The acting was pretty amazing and they did an amazing job in making this it’s own individual film, with the same retelling of the story as well.

ALTHOUGH… There are a few things that I just did not quite like.

So, I think the original did a great job in making Carrie look weak, as she should. Yet, the new 2013 version made Carrie look…not weak?

Now hear me out on this!

Sure, Carrie should have been a bit stronger, maybe a bit outspoken, and should have taken more control of the situations that she was sadly abused in BUT… Oh geez, what a word huh? I just think…that Carrie should have been a weak Character until she finally had that moment to crack.

Is this making sense?

Now, this is not to say that Chloë Grace-Moretz didn’t do a good job, in fact I believe that she was great! I loved seeing her take her revenge in the end, as bad as it was.

BUT…I liked the fact that Sissy Spacek was very weak in the beginning, making the audience feel more for her situation. I also preferred that she saved her telekinesis for when it was truly needed. Well, truthfully, it was needed throughout the whole movie, but the point of her telekinesis was to be used in a sudden instance when the audience finally knows that she has cracked.

And, to be quite frank, I found that Chloë would use her telekinesis uncontrollably, especially against her mother. Though, her mother needed a good punishment, but not too soon. Not too soon.

It seemed to me that Julianne Moore was the weak Character in the 2013 version rather than Piper Laurie in the 1976 version who was the bad guy the whole film, with almost no weakness because she had her bible and her version of God.

Piper-Laurie-as-Margaret-White-carrie-1976-16585205-457-614I liked that Piper Laurie was so evil that I felt for Carrie and I liked that Carrie took it out on her later in the film, not right away.

Carrie had to be extremely weak and the mother had to be able to overpower her, so that when it came to that point Carrie could use her power against her mother, and make her seem like the bad guy.

Cause, to me, this is just a personal observation, I found that Chloë was the bad guy in the 2013 version. She let her mother become weak before she even had the chance to overcome and overpower Carrie, which I just didn’t like! Not gonna lie! It just wasn’t my preference.

I preferred the build up.

Carrie was shown as a very weak Character who had no control of her telekinesis and in fact did not even know about her telekinesis until later in the film. Suddenly, once the audience had gotten used to her witch mother, we suddenly see the control that Carrie has and how she can really abuse the power that she was gifted with.

carrie-chrisOne thing I do admit that I loved so much about the 2013 version is that the Antagonist.


She was fabulous.

I loved the 1976 version of Chris (Nancy Allen), but she wasn’t as evil or into her duty to demolish Carrie as Portia Doubleday who was just beyond evil and so very passionate about what she could possibly do to be rid Carrie.

I of course did enjoy the cruelty from a blonde in the original, but I found the remake to have such a fabulous antagonist.

Also, just ONE MORE THOUGHT. Only one (I’ve found that my posts are so very long, and I apologize, I’m working on it, I promise).

I liked the coach in the original more over the coach in the remake. You know? Miss Collins, the lady who helps Carrie out through the movie? I’m sure you’ve got the idea. Regardless, I found the original to have such an awesome coach who totally helped Carrie and beat the living crap out of the girls who were mocking her.

Check out this awesome review from YouTuber John Farr:

Enough said.

In conclusion, I loved both but of course, had my preferences and critics. All I can say is that I loved both but preferred the original. Please leave a comment below sharing with me which movie you preferred.

I’ve missed this so much everyone! So nice to be back online! Hope you enjoyed.

Carrie (1974) Trailer:

The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999) Trailer:

Not the best installment, might I add.

Carrie (2002) Trailer:

Carrie (2013) Trailer: