Psycho (1960)


This film, is, amazing.

Now, I’m going to get to my opinion of this film and ‘review’ before I go off on a rant that may make this post longer than what it should be. I also do apologize for posts being so long, can’t help my passion for Cinema!

Anyway, I recently rewatched this film in my History of Cinema Class last Friday, and I just accumulated a bunch of thoughts on this film over the passed week.

First and foremost, I was literally shaking after watching it again. I don’t know why, but this film has always had that affect on me, I’m wondering if it’s the same for you all as well. Do you get that awkward feeling after watching this movie? Do you even know what I’m talking about… Nevermind. Anyway! I’ve got a couple things to say about the movie and I’ll just spit it out.

There are a couple things that I would have wanted to happen, but I know that if they changed it to what I wanted then, there would really be no movie, I suppose. But tell me if you agree.

Janet Leigh… *sigh.

Why in the world was she so obvious in having left the city. She just made it so obvious! So friggen, obvious! You know what I’m talking about? I mean, no wonder the cop followed her. She seemed way too obvious to me, but I guess we needed to feel that sense of anxiety because Miss Leigh decided to “borrow” some money for a vacay.

But, if I were to steal $40,000, I would be sure to act as casual as possible. Once that cop began to question me, I would most definitely be very honest with him, saying that I knocked out on the road, lost track of time, but will be sure to avoid that next time I’m tired on the road.

This is all…hypothetical, by the way. Erm. Moving on!

On the positive end of the spectrum, I loved all the shots! I’m currently in a Literature and Film Class (This is the only other Film class I have, I promise), and we are learning about shot angles, sizes and sound in film and how it impacts the message that is being conveyed, and Alfred Hitchcock deserves a Gold Medal and so much more.

His shot angles were FANTASTIC! I’m assuming that if I were alive during the 60s that I would most definitely find his film interesting because of his approach in film angles and sizes.

There was so much suspense that was greatly added that made quite an amazing addition to the film! Tell me you agree.

Also, has anyone seen the new Bates Motel series? Amazing, UH-mazing! Please check it out before you see this movie, if you haven’t. And if you’ve seen this movie more than once, please watch the series, it’s very well done, and I’m so excited for Season 2 to pop onto Netflix (at some point in my lifetime).

That was random, but seriously, go check it out. Now.

So, my diagnosis of this film as a whole, though: 10/10

You can never go wrong with a Hitchcock and film and of course after seeing it once again, I was very pleased. Thought there was that ONE irritant, there was so much more to admire that really outweighed that slight annoyance.

So, I hope you enjoyed this quick post, and please come back for more, as I will be reviewing Buster Keaton’s, Sherlock Jr very soon. Have a great weekend all, and go to your Netflix and watch season one of Bates Motel! I highly recommend it.

Psycho (1960): Famous Shower Scene