Sherlock Jr. (1924)

This is one of the first Buster Keaton films I have ever seen. My mother had recently pleaded me to watch the film.SherlockJr_720x500

Alright, she didn’t plead but it was a pretty enthusiastic request, but of course I responded with a not so enthusiastic,  “I don’t feel like it.”

Worst mistake ever.

Please trust me when I say that, I really did not know what I was doing. I had the odd presumption that Buster Keaton was just a knock off Charlie Chaplin, which even as I think of it and say it now…ugh. Just sounds horrible.

Because I have come to discover, that that is not the case at all. Whatsoever!

Buster Keaton is Genius.

Now, in my History of Cinema Class, I have come to discover that films  back in the 1900s were made with quite amazing technology, and almost impossible stunts. Typically done by the Actor themselves. Or, that was the case for Buster Keaton at least.


Apparently, the stunts that you see in this film are actually done by the actor himself. Which impressed me the most! He’s amazing!

How he does what he does and off of a whim (I’m assuming), just as most comedians in that time…Phenomenal.

I truly give Directors and Actors of that time, credit for having done such amazing stunts and creative technological innovations with their films.

If you haven’t seen this movie before, STOP READING! Go jump on Netflix/YouTube or whatever source you have and watch it, now. If not, please, continue.

There is this portion of the film where Buster Keaton is running the reel for a film at the Cinema for an audience, and when he falls asleep, he begins to imagine what it would be like to be the true hero in this film. Check it out:


Amazing, right!?


I think most people feel that this kind of film is rather corny and that it was probably easy to create in that time or other numerous thoughts that I can’t quite think of right now.

But, in fact. This is where film began! This is where Actors and Directors had to figure out how to move ahead with the technology that they had in film and cinema.

And, Buster Keaton. Shee. I seriously don’t know how he did it!

It’s amazing because back in that time, cinema was created solely to entertain others just as a street fair would. It’s just amazing, the influence that film had on entertainment. People would go to see all the amazing tricks that “moving pictures” had.

Anyway, my entire mind was blown by Sherlock Jr. and Buster Keaton’s endless creativity. I highly recommend watching this film.

Watch it as though you were seeing this type of technology for the first time. And just consider all the amazing effort put forth. So Phenomenal! I love my class…seriously. Haha.

So, I give this film a huge, 10 out of 10 with forty-six million golden stars.

Hope you enjoyed my post. Again, it’s long. I’m sorry, but I had to explain the most amazing aspects of this film. Leave me a comment below with any other thoughts and I hope to talk to you all soon!